Dean & Tyler Rottweiler Wire Basket Muzzle, S, Size R1


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Whether your dog is a family pet or a working professional, D&T will satisfy the outfitting needs of all medium, large, and extra-large breeds.  We offer a wide variety of dog harnesses, dog muzzles, dog leashes, dog collars, dog bite sleeves, dog bite suits and other professional and everyday use dog equipment

  • Experiencing problems to leave muzzle for long time during hot summer days? – no longer with super ventilation wire muzzle
  • Having trouble during vet or groomer visit? – get this muzzle and solve the problem. recommended by vets, dog trainers and behaviorist.
  • Looking for a solution to discourage your dog from biting, chewing and eating unwanted objects? – no more dangerous rocks or sticks with this muzzle
  • Are you looking for a long term solution? – with this muzzle on, your dog will breath freely, pant and drink water. this is a professionals pick.
  • Size no. r1 – small rottweiler – snout length 9.5cm – circumference 35cm – neck 45-61cm – eye line 21cm – width 9.5cm – height 12.5cm