Dengie Hi Fi Senior 20Kg


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Dengie Hi Fi Senior is a blend of chopped alfalfa with grasses which have been high temperature dried to lock in the natural goodness and ensure the very best quality product. Alfalfa is an excellent natural source of antioxidants. Hi-Fi Senior is ideal as a hay replacer for older horses and ponies who can no longer chew the longer length of hay or haylage but can also be used for performance horses.
Dengie Hi Fi Senior is ideal as a partial or complete hay replacer for horses that find chewing hay difficult. With an energy level comparable to very good quality hay, Hi-Fi Senior can improve the feed value of the ration, helping elderly animals to gain weight. Feed Hi-Fi Senior in large tub trugs when using as a hay replacer. The alfalfa and grasses in Hi-Fi Senior are dried at a very high temperature which reduces mould. Efficient extraction processes ensure Hi-Fi Senior has a low dust content making it ideal for promoting respiratory health.
Typical analysis (%) ˜as fed
Protein 12
Oil 2
Fibre 30
Ash (mineral) 9
Digestible Energy 8.5MJ/Kg
Ingredients: Grass, Alfalfa, Molasses, Mould Inhibitor.