HealthPanion Set of 1 Authentic Hook Shoulder, Back and Neck Massager Imported From South Korea For Deep Tissue Massage


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For those who need to relax and relieve muscle stiffness from the shoulders, back and neck but cannot find time or space to get a good massage, this authentic hook massage stick, imported right from South Korea is what exactly one needs to have. This is an adjustable hooked massage stick that can apply deep pressure to the muscles in the neck, shoulder and back region, helping to relieve general stiffness and all aches from the areas. Made from high quality AB resin, this is a very effective deep muscle therapy stick which can cleverly and easily massage tricky muscles in the back. The stick can easily be hooked over the shoulder or under the arm and used as a leverage to apply very deep pressure to the troubling points in the muscles of shoulder, neck or back region. This product has been designed to help people relieve stiffness and aches from their back and neck aiming to improve the general quality of life for all. However this product is not ideal to be used on children under the ages of 10.

  • Portable massager hooked stick for deep pressure application to the muscles in the neck, shoulder and back region
  • Relaxes stiff and tensed muscles and tension
  • Designed to be hooked easily over the shoulder for back massage with ease
  • Available in pink color. Made from high quality and durable AB resin
  • Set of 1