HealthPanion Set of 1 Yoga Stick Manual Self Massage Roller For Belly, Neck, Shoulder, Feet


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Life has become very tough and demanding today. With busy schedules people hardly find time for themselves. Exercise and relaxation has gone out of our routines completely. Sedentary habits, wrong postures and a lot of other habits lead to bad blood circulation in the body and can cause cervical and lumbar pain, which if severe can cause damage to the entire system and render a person bed ridden. The most affected group is usually the office going people who cannot find time to relax and exercise. Also those who do not relax after intense sports or workout can also be affected by severe muscle pain and general stiffness. In such cases, the self massage roller stick comes in very handy. With its ergonomic gripping handles, users can hold the stick in their own hands very easily and massage various body parts to work out the kinks and stiffness. This massage roller stick is ideal for relieving muscle tension, soothe the nerves, promote blood circulation and also reduce belly fat fast. This massage roller stick is portable and works without batteries therefore can be taken along anywhere when one wants to enjoy a good comforting massage. Ideal for use by children, adults and elderly.

  • Very portable massage roller stick for self massaging tension points in neck, shoulder, feet and also belly fat
  • Relaxes stiff and tensed muscles and tension
  • Available in blue color. Length: 41 cm
  • Made from high quality durable plastic
  • Set of 1