Herm Sprenger Fur Saver Collar Chrome Plated Width 1/9 inch (3 mm) with Name Plate – HS 51521 (02) – Size 14 inch (35 cm) for Dogs with Neck Size of 11-12 inch (28-30 cm)


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Chrome Plated Fur Saver with Name Plate

This Fur Saver Dog Collar with Name Plate is an original Herm Sprenger, made in Germany. This is a real deal, authentic HS fur saver dog collar. Fur Saver Collars are designed so that dog’s hair was less subjected to damage, as they have fewer links, which means they will not harm your dog’s hair. Fur Saver Collars, same as choke collars, are used for obedience training, but at the same time, they protect your dog’s hair from knotting, pulling and breaking. With this HS Collar, your pet will not only look gorgeous, but you also shouldn’t worry about its coat, especially if you are the owner of a long-haired breed. < This dog collar is suitable for dogs with neck size of 11-12 inch (28-30 cm). This collar will completely fit your needs if you:< are looking for a solution how to keep your dog's hair in perfect condition;

need a training collar, but consider prong and pinch collars inhumane;

want to single out your doggy purchasing Fur Saver with a name plate.

Be attentive! The size of the collar includes O-rings. Please, consider it while ordering the item. If you have any doubts regarding the size of the collar, you are welcome to contact us.

  • Keeps your dog’s fur in perfect condition
  • Steel chrome plated
  • Bright shine
  • Name plate
  • Smooth surface