Komodo Daylight Spot Bulb R63 BC, 75 Watt


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Komodo Daylight Spot Bulbs provide bright, attractive, crisp and clear visual lighting for your reptiles enclosure and create a warm spot where he will bask and warm up to his desired temperature. Komodo Neodymium basking lights aim to provide a light spectrum close to that of the sun to make your reptile happy. They provide UVA but do not provide UVB. Komodo basking spot lights allow you to direct the heat to a desired basking spot area in your reptiles enclosure. Use at one end of the enclosure to aid your thermal gradient. The Komodo Daylight Spot bulbs come in wattages from 50 to 150W to cater for all vivarium sizes and in BC (Bayonet) and E27 (screw) fitting options. All daylight lamps should be turned off at night to give your reptile a day and night cycle. Other Items Required: Lamp Fixing (E27 or Bayonet)Suitable for: Use as a basking lamp Creating a heat gradient Providing bright visual light Most set ups

  • A broad spectrum daylight lamp for reptiles.
  • Best choice for daytime use.Optimum heat source for efficient thermoregulation and metabolism.
  • Emits up to 90% of power as beneficial IR heat rays.
  • Moderate output of UVA rays to stimulate appetite & immune system.
  • Watts: 75W. Bayonet fitting (BC).