Orinoco Tools Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bag 180 µm


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The ORiNOCO tools filter bags is designed to serve as the recording additives such as Seachem Purigen, filter carbon, activated carbon, phosphate cleaning and removing and all types of granules that must be used in Durchströmten areas of the filter circuit in the aquarium. Typically, it can be filled and then into a external filter.
It is suitable for freshwater and salt water Vewendbar.
This filter has a keeping for the water gardening optimised mesh size of 180 µm (0.18 mm): Feinmaschigeren bag is at the aquarium standard flow conditions Not as good through current more have been made for Grobmaschigeren bags is may the accessory into the tank.
The size of 15×25 cm gives a capacity of approximately one litre. The filling with with a lower quantity is safe. The collar can also in filters with less than 25 cm Diameters isn’t a problem, the bag can be double.
The ORiNOCO tools filter bag is closed with a sewn-in drawstring to knots.
It is using the drawstring and reinforced edges extremely robust and is enclosed in a temperature resistance of up to 110 °C on boiled launder providing you with a durable crisp finish. This includes a multiple use also possible during critical treatments.