RepTech D3 Mercury vapor lamp (100 watt, UVA + UVB + heat)


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RepTech mercury vapor lamps are suited for use in reptile enclosures that require UV. Most reptiles have 4 color receptors, humans only have 3. Due to this UVA is a visible light source to most reptiles. Providing UVA will enhance the quality of life, improve feeding response, often improve animal color and aid in boosting mating behavior.

Many reptiles also require UVB to aid in the calcium/vitamin D3 processing. Without UVB these reptiles will deform due to deficiencies and slowly perish. Providing the correct levels of heat, UVB and light is essential to animal well being. RepTech mercury vapor lamps provide all of the above and are easy to install. The lamps work on mains power and only require a ceramic socket due to the heat produced. With correct use lamps should provide sufficient UV for about 9 to 12 months.

The 80 watt compact lamp has relatively high output of UVB but does not provide massive amounts of heat. These are perfect for smaller (taller) enclosures. The larger bulbs, available in 80, 100 and 160 watt, provide a more even and whiter, full spectrum light due to the coating on the inside of the glass.

  • Perfect source for heat, light and UVA plus UVB
  • Easy to use due to internal ballast
  • Fits E27 sockets (ceramic)
  • Increases health and welbeing for reptiles