Reptile Tortoise Hydroponic Metal Halide Super Sun Flood UV Jungle Lamp E27 (needs external ballast unit)


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Super Sun UV Flood Jungle lamps give high light, heat and UV at low wattages. Equivalent to a 160W mercury vapour lamp with over 5 times more output. This helps to recreate natural light in a vivarium, especially suitable for jungle animals. The reflector concentrates the light to create a warm and light intensive basking area. Lamp spectrum is optimised for jungle animals with a colour temperature of 4000K, with 100,000 lux at 30cm. These are metal halide lamps and need a ballast to operate.

  • Metal Halide 70W
  • Spectrum set for Jungle Light Output
  • Super Sun Flood 4000K
  • Ballast Required
  • High UVA UVB Heat output

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