Wagg Meadow Hay 1kg (PACK OF 2)


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Small pet meadow hay The 100% Natural Feed Make one day’s supply of Meadow Hay available at a time, to provide fibre which is essential for helping maintain a healthy digestive system. Fed in addition to your pet’s complementary diet, Meadow Hay provides the benefits of chewing, which helps reduce boredom and behavioural problems, as well as naturally wearing down continually growing teeth. Meadow Hay should be offered ‘ad lib’ at all times, as feed for rabbits and guinea pigs. Remember to provide fresh drinking water daily. The 100% Natural Bedding Meadow Hay is the natural choice to enable your pet to create a cosy, comfortable and natural bed. The contents of this pack provide sufficient hygienic bedding material for up to 4 rabbit hutches or up to 12 hamster, gerbil or guinea pig cages. Your Pet’s Hygiene Frequent changes of bedding for your pet are important. Dirty bedding is not only unpleasant, but will also encourage germs to breed, affecting the well-being of your pet. We recommend regular cleaning, at least twice a week and to maintain a familiar smell for your pet, mix a small portion of the old bedding with the new clean hay. Remember to wash your hands after handling and disposing of any dirt bedding. Feeding Your Pets Wagg Bunny Bunch Tasty complementary food for rabbit, All ingredients contain essential vitamins and minerals to ensure balanced nutrition in every mouthful. Wagg Hamster, Gerbil Munch A blend of highly nutritious ingredients, to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Also suitable for dietary needs of pet mice and rats. Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch A nourishing and tasty blend of nutritious ingredients to cater for the individual dietary requirements of guinea pigs. Contains extra Vitamin C, to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Wagg Softwood Bedding Natural, softwood flakes, for a safe, hygienic and cosy bedding material for all smell pets, including rabbits.

  • Wagg Meadow Hay 1kg (PACK OF 2)
  • 1kg (x2)
  • Wagg
  • Quantity: 2