When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die


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“The only thing worse than being alone is dealing with other people.”

Jack has moved into his new apartment complex, and will finally learn what it’s really like (not really) to be around other people.
Too bad he’s a deranged misanthrope that hates everything…

“They hate me because I’m different. I hate them because they’re all the same.”

Unable to stop thinking, and forever remembering his past failures, will he begin a slow-spiralling decent into his own personal hell of depression, delusion, and reclusion, by consciously choosing to embrace his own misery and anger? or will he ultimately be consumed by the dark inescapable twin-voids of madness and despair?

“The entire world is a circus, and you’re all f****** clowns!”

Or could he eventually learn the process to overcome his own personal failings, as well as those of others?
and will he finally be able to conquer and accept them, his past, and also himself once and for all?

For Jack, everything must now finally come to a head when “the one that got away” one day, suddenly comes back to shore…