Blueberry Pet Creamy Cherry Cake Designer Dog Collar, Neck 30cm-40cm, Small, Collars for Dogs


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Before the new launch of ‘Sweet Foodie’ collection from Blueberry Pet, as a dog owner and editor in chief, I have personally never thought of a cake dog collar of any kind. This collection just opens up my horizon as mind expands with experience. You would probably love this dog collar as much as you love your furry friends. First, this collar is made with one of the most classic collar structures that are loved by generations of customers. Second, the pink cherry cake, and lollipop prints are so cute for the perfect girly look! Third, the polyester ribbon is so well designed in a stripe pattern that you would fall for it. With what being said, you probably need to move the mouse and click to purchase. Enjoy shopping with Blueberry Pet!

  • Neck 30cm-40cm, Width 1.5cm, Size Small; The collar does not stretch itself, please make sure leave only 2 fingers between collar and dog neck.
  • The 4 dog collars in the first main picture are sold separately; The pink nylon webbing is added to match the appetizing cherry cake prints ribbon.
  • The unique D-ring is in a matt grey shade that offers durability and style at the same time.
  • The collar is not made for the purpose of tie out.
  • Please measure your pets carefully to make a safe and fit purchase.