Practical and attractive wild birdpoppy feeder dish.Looks great in pots and borders.Made of cast iron.Product Code: GARA01369 Wild bird decorative feeder on cast iron pole.In the shape of a poppy.An attractive feeder dish.Ideal in borders and...

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Living Nostalgia Stylish Wooden Bird House The Home Furnisher's, Luxury lifestyle store, offers you this delightful living Nostalgia Stylish Wooden Bird House from Kitchen Craft product code LNBHOUSE at a great price. Encourage lots of birds to...

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Perfectly capable of holding any size of seed whether they are Thistle, Sunflower or Sesame, this feeder's removable top allows it to be cleaned and filled with great ease and speed.The perches of this feeder are large and round, allowing the...

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Hanging Coconuts and their contents are always a firm favourite with wild birds. This Half Coconutcontains suet and mealworms that are a great source of energy and protein ideal for young birds. When the wild birds have finished this special treat...

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Durable galvanised steel constructionTwist and lift roof for easy filling and cleaningFor feeding seed mixes and sunflower seedsBlackSteel24 x 8 cm230g Durable galvanised steel constructionTwist and lift roof for easy filling and cleaningFor...

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Reuse your plastic bottles and feed the birds all at the same time with this innovative and economical bird feeder. The idea is simple: fill an old soda bottle with bird seed, attach the feeder, and place it in the garden, window sill, patio, or...

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Decorative heavy duty 5 hook design with finial. Extra strength screw together poles and quick fitting accessories. Also includes large bird bath with support ring, feeding tray, 2 Black Steel seed feeders, 1 Black Steel peanut feeder and 1 Suet...

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Whilst your average gnome likes to stand serenely in flowerbeds, this naughty gnome likes to hang around enticing birds to nibble his bits...don't worry, when we say bits we mean bird food! Made of terracotta this novelty gnome bird feeder sports...

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Perfect way to attract a huge range of wild birds to your garden. Hanging Plastic Wild Bird Feeder - Hanging Bird FeederAvailable in packs of 2/4. Select the desired packs from the drop down menuBull it plastic container with 3 ports and 3...

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25kg Ruddings Wood Bulk bag of wild bird seed. Ideal most garden birds. A good all year round bird seed for all types of garden birds.This Ruddings Wood seed blend offers high energy and nutrition.25kg bulk bag of Ruddings Wood wild bird...

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Bird Bath, Bird Feeder, Garden Light and Built in Planter. These high quality Bird Bath and Tables are a real favourite for the garden and your local bird life. A truly stylish accessory to attract birds into your garden with a bird bath and...

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In the product description it says the table is white, which is incorrect. The woodwork is a sage green. This can be seen from some of the images on Amazon and also on supplier website. Solid Timber ConstructionCan Be Left Out All Year RoundEasy...

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