Help your cat or dog learn good house manners by keeping them off furniture or counters, or out of selected rooms. By emitting a mild, harmless static pulse when your pet touches it your pets soon learn which parts of your home they should avoid....

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Mutznutts Dog Bark Stop Eliminator Is The Most Upto Date Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device For Dogs. It Works By Transmitting Ultrasonic Sound Waves At The Push Of A Button Which Gets The Dog's Attention And Stops The Dog From Barking. These Waves...

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Only Motorola provides a wireless fencing system so flexible you can use it at home to train your dog to stay in the backyard, or instantly pick up the portable fencing unit and use it as a rechargeable battery powered containment solution for...

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Put in a 9V batteries, Simply put the scat mat where you want your dog to avoid, turn it on, then if your dog touches the mat, a mild and harmless 3 second static pulse will be triggered. Three electric level for different of pet's size Safe...

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This training system takes advantage of your pet's sensitive hearing with a sound that is beyond the range of humans. Takes advantage of your pet's sensitive hearing with a sound that is beyond the range of humansFeatures a positive tone to...

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Training aid for outdoor and indoor use. Helps train puppies and dogs of all ages where to potty.The unique attractant scent will encourage dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed. Apply the training spray to preferred designated...

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This cat training aid protects your furniture from cat damage with sound. At the slightest press of a paw, the pressure sensitive unit emits a loud tone that will send your cat scurrying away. Safe and effective, use on furniture, beds, doorways,...

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Feature: 1. Remote Training Collar with advanced RF434Mhz technology, range up to 330 yards. 2. Rechargeable dog training collar built-in high capacity lithium rechargeable batteries. 3. Both transmitter and collar receiver can be charged at the...

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Product Description Frontline Large Dog Spot On Flea Treatments Frontline Spot On has become a trusted household name in the fight against fleas on our domesticated friends. Most dogs will have experienced fleas at some point in their lives,...

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Handbook of Applied Dog Behaviour and Training, Volume two: Etiology and Assessment of Behaviour Pro.... NewMint ConditionDispatch same day for order received before 12 noonGuaranteed packagingNo quibbles...

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Your First Dog: How To Select, Prepare For And Train Your First Canine Companion As A New Dog Owner Attention new or first time dog owners. This book is for you! Are you thinking of getting a dog as a pet though not sure where to start. How do...

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Clix Lightweight Recall Line is an essential aid for recall training. It allows your dog to be seemingly free, yet under control. The lightweight version of the Recall Training Line is ideal for puppies and young dogs as it is made from an ultra...

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