Puppy housebreaking aid 8oz - spray DogDog Training AidsFOUR PAWS PET PRODUCTSPuppy Housebreaking Aid 8oz -...

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New FlexContact actually flexes with your dog's movements. Contact points flex with your dog's movementStainless steel tip keeps in contact with skinCompatible with a range of petsafe collarsIncludes 4 flexcontact tipsWashers not...

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Four Paws Products - Wee Wee Target TrainerAn innovative solution to house training issues!The Wee Wee On Target Trainer has fasteners where the pad is anchored in place the pet cannot move it! Made of high impact plastic, the three sided,...

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Place the Indoor Barrier near anything you want your pet to...

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CueCue Pet Dog / Cat Overall Suit: Our fashion savvy clothing are ideal for any pet who likes to dress up, look good, and stay cute all the time! These suits feature soft knitted fibers and breathable fabric. Please hand wash for ensure...

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Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid for Coprophagia is used to help prevent Coprophagia (or the eating of faeces by an animal) - an unpleasant behaviour and not considered normal. 137gFree...

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HP418S Size: Small (15.24 cm H) Features: -Material: Polyester. -Filling: Upholstery fibre and plastic squeakers. -Fun dog toy. -Can be used as a training aid. Squeaker / Makes Noise: -Yes. Material: -Fabric/Fleece. Product Type: -Plush Toy....

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Place the Outdoor Pet Barrier in any area you want your pet to avoid. Barrier Transmitter disguised as a rock blends seamlessly into your landscapeQuick and easy set-up and trainingLightweight, waterproof Receiver Collar fits pets with neck sizes...

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These are brand new specially designed Handmade Safety Dog Adjustable Muzzle in Black. It is designed for very lively dogs prevent for biting, barking and chewing! Enable you to keep control in a kind and gentle way. This is also a great dog...

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Kyjen Company - Dog Paw Hide GameDog: Training AidsThe paw hide has 7 treats or food chambers that challenge your dog to lift each cup in order to reveal its prize. Perfect for teaching the basics of eat-on-command obedience and...

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Four Paws Products - Wee Wee pads The super absorbent WeeWee Pad is scientifically treated to attract puppies when nature calls Plastic lining prevents damage to floors and carpets Four Paws WeeWee Pads are versatile in that they can be used for...

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Place the Indoor Barrier near anything you want your pet to avoid. Extra transmitter for Zones systems ZND-1200 and ZND-1300Instantly keeps the dog away from problem areas in the homeNo training or installation required; simply place in area dog...

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