DIGIFLEX 3 x Large Dog Cat Pet Soft Fleece Blankets 68cm X 92cm Comfortable warm pet blanket, carry new born or comfort from the anxious travel to the vet in the carry pen or in the car. If your pet likes to sit with you on the furniture this is...

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We are specialized in DIY pillowcase for more than 5 years. Its material is made of 50% cotton & 50% polyester. Pillowcase has been designed a zippered opening on the side, and it is easier for you to wash. As for colors, we produce it the same as...

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Material: Plastic. Color: random color. This potty is developed to take advantage of your lovely pet. it is natural instinct to go potty in one specific area of their home. The convenient potty can be placed anywhere inside of any cages. The...

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Pet friendly soft sawdust / wood shaving compressed into 2KG bales for your convenience. Ideal for all small pets including rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils etc Perfect for creating a comfortable, warm and hygienic environment...

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Watch your little ones fall fast asleep as they snuggle up to Peter Rabbit's comfort toy. The light fabric is soft to touch and depicts pictures from Peter's tale. His little head will give children a small character to interact with, whilst they...

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10-Day odor control;3X more absorbent than shavings;99% dust free for easy clean-up;25% smaller pieces carefresh Custom Hamster/Gerbil Pet Bedding, 14 L, Natural14...

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Kerbl - Ako 82745 rodent Rug Made from 100% hemp 40X100X1 cm - 100% Brand New, Never Used, Directly form Agricultural and pet specialist. Made from 100% hempNatural cage linerCompostable, completly organic, eatable and fully...

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This pack is a good change from sawdust as the floor lining in the cage. Russel Bedding is a non-toxic product and is good to completely wipe out all odours, germs and bacteria in the cage, as the cage is a perfect home for bacteria, fleas and...

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Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding is a uniquely formulated, small animal bedding and litter. Pellets are made from over 99% recycled paper, with no additives or...

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Guinea Pig Starter Kit Without Hutch Packed full of everything a new Guinea Pig owner could possibly needContains: Nature's Own Softwood Shavings, Golden Barley Straw, Timothy Rich 5 a day Hay, Devon Meadow Hay...Classic Crystal De-Luxe Midi...

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Beautiful Cot/Cot Bed Bale set featuring a cute rabbit baby rabbit and pretty pink flower design, perfect for your baby girls's nursery. Comes wonderfully presented in a co-ordinated gift bag. Similar sets also available in baby blue and cream,...

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Durable and strong plastic Madeandlt;brandgt;Three colors shipped randomlyandlt;brandgt;Size(LxWxH): 25 x 18 x 10cmandlt;brandgt;Saves litter, hygienic and easy to cleanandlt;brandgt;Elevated corner to help prevent spillage, potty train your small...

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