Burgess Excel Bedding & Litter is made from 100% natural pressed straw. It is heat treated and dust extracted to minimise spores and dust which can lead to respiratory issues. We've also added a natural ingredient to control the activity of...

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Small Animal Disposable Bedding - Safebed - White Paper Wool Sachets » 140g 100% natural bedding materialSafe & Non- ToxicDerived from food grade materialsWarm, comfortable and environment...

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Excellent is bedding with exceptional absorptive power. These wood fibres are therefore not only efficient and economical but they also reduce the manure volume significantly. Excellent is especially recommended as bedding for your horses. As it...

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We are very conscious in sourcing all our products, as we class our company as extremely environmentally friendly. The wood shavings come from field timber that is on a program for re-planting annually, wood shavings make an ideal bed as they...

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This pack of soft wood shavings is soft, comfortable and makes a cosy home for your pet. They are biodegradable and hence safe on the environment. Suitable for many small animals rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and...

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The unique properties of Botanica's Natural Herbal Skin Cream combine to be efficacious in the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions and infections. It reduces inflammation and helps prevent the formation of proud flesh and scar tissue. It...

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Small size: diameter 12cm / 4.7 inch Made with pet safe materials. Easy to clean and resistant to odors Specially designed for quiet spinning .Encourage healthy exercise For hamsters, mice, gerbils, or other small furry animals This is a fun way...

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Soft wood shavings from untreated timber. Hygenic, highly absorbant, dust free & dried, binds unpleasant odours. Suitable for use as litter with all rodents/small mammals. 100% natural product. Natural woodshavingsReduced dust contentSoft and...

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Premium quality dust extracted shavings, suitable for all types of animals. Dust ExtractedSuper AbsorbentSuitable for all animalsPremium...

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A Natural Safe. With Soft Wood Shavings Making A Cosy Home For Your...

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Package include:1 Product Size:Length:3.3",Width:3"Super cute Design,Large...

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Ships from Hong Kong. Unique comfort zone gel-filled cushion conforms to your wrists for maximum comfort and support. Revolutionary Wave Design permits natural hand and wrist movement. Material: leica cloth+ Internal Full Silicone Gel + Anti-skid...

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