Provide your small pet with some natural burrowing material to help them create a very comfortable and safe bed when nesting. This Burrowing Material has been specially designed to be used with the Crittertrail Burrowing Maze. Suitable for:...

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Whether you already have small rabbits, such as dwarf rabbits or guinea pigs this cage is ideal as it comes complete with accessories, including a plastic hayrack, Plastic bowl, Drinking bottle and Plastic house. Access to your beloved pets is...

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Feature: Side rock edge graze fun Suspension design, avoid wasting rabbit grass, small training to become good little pet Specification: Application: Bunny, chinchillas, guinea pigs and other small animals playing or grass frame Material:...

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Feeding Wheel Hay Rack Manger Rabbit Guinea Pig •metal, powder coated/plastic •for hay, grasses or nesting material •free-standing or hanging on the cage wall •provides appropriate activity, motivates the animal in a playful way to work...

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Disney 3 Piece Breakfast Sets - Mickey Mouse3 Pieces: plate, bowl and mug A good way encourage your boys or girls to eat and drink Other characters available from our shopDishwasher and microwave safe Packed in colourful gift boxes Genuine Disney...

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Seagrass Twists are a savory snack made from sundried seagrass, offering a wholesome combination of crunchy chew and flavor for rabbits, guinea pigs, pet rats, and hamsters. Size approx: 4in stickFlavorful FunNatural ChewPromotes Clean and Healthy...

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Elegant und doch praktisch! Keramiknapf in dekorativem Design. Außen schwarz und innen weiß mit Pfötchenmotiv und "GUINEA PIG". Hygienisch und leicht zu reinigen. Inhalt: 250 ml Durchmesser: ca. 11 cm Heavy weight for stabilitySuitable for...

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EGAN DISNEY ZuckerdoseDiese Zuckerdose mit Deckel (7cm hoch), ist aus wertvollem italienischem Porzellan gefertigt.Die Oberfläche ist mit original Skizzen von Walt Disney versehen. Spülmaschinenfest.Egan - Disney: die IdeeEgan, als bekannte...

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Boredom Breakers Naturals Seagrass Fun Balll Large A Fun, Play And Chew Ball Made From 100 PercentA fun, play and chew ball made from 100 percent natural materials, seagrass and rattan. Steamed treated. Completely glue and staple-free Designed to...

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Naturals Small Animal Hazelnut Bark Bites 25g Our Pets Wild Cousins Love To Gnaw On The Bark OfOur pet's wild cousins love to gnaw on the bark of trees. As well as being fun to do and helping wear growing teeth, edible woods are also a source of...

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Boredom Breaker Ceramic Carrot Bowl 5 Diameter: 5 A funky, contemporary and classic design. Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other similar sized small animals. This ceramic bowl is dishwasher safe. Heavy duty ceramic...

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Feature£º You can put chunks of pasture or snacks, hanging in the cage for a pet to play Iron ball design, with hanging iron hooks can be hung in cages for small animals to vent their emotions, relieving the pressure Can be stuffed inside the...

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