Chapelwood 50 Tub Suet Balls


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These high energy suet balls are perfect for all year round feeding for a wide variety of garden visiting birds – who will keep visiting if these tasty treats are on offer. They can be fed from a scraps feeder or placed on a table or feeding tray. The balls contain high energy suet with essential seeds and grains to help the birds have a balanced diet. Due to an RSPB requirement these will not be supplied with nets this is because the nets can be very dangerous to birds. Many are breaking limbs whilst getting stuck in the nets and also swallowing them this is a very common problem which we now hope will be avoided. Re-usable storage tub of 50 suet balls

  • Provide a high energy suet treat for garden visiting birds
  • Suitable for year round feeding
  • Net free to prevent the accidental trapping of wild birds
  • Ideal for use in a ChapelWood Suet Ball Feeder
  • Contains cereals, suet, seeds and calcium carbonate