Country Store Guinea Pig Food Nuggets – Specially Formulated to Provide Your Guinea Pig with Fibre, Vitamins & Minerals Essential To Their Diet – Available in Various Weights (1kg)


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Guinea pigs have a very special physiology which requires the right diet in order to maintain good dental and digestive health. The most important part of their diet is hay and grass. Lots of good quality, clean hay should always be available for them to graze on. Hay should be supplemented by guinea pig nuggets to provide additional fibre, vitamins and minerals. Guinea pig nuggets should be available each morning in a good quality bowl. Fresh greens, vegetables and fruits can be fed in small amounts on a daily basis, although some can be poisonous to these pets so take care to find out a foods safety before feeding. Clean drinking water should always be available and should be changed ideally twice a day.

  • A complementary feed for adult guinea pigs.
  • It is a delicious feed with fun colours and shapes.
  • Each nugget contains fibre, vitamins and minerals to help maintain health and prevent selective feeding.
  • This food will give your guinea pig a balanced diet when combined with hay/grass