CRYSTAL CLEAR BIRD FEEDER – Suction Window Feeders Birds, Cats and Kids Love – Easy to Clean and Fill – See Cardinals, Finches and Orioles Feed Inches From Kitchen Windows – 100% Money Back Guarantee


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CAN YOUR FEEDER PASS THE BIRDS EYE TEST? How to Make Bird Watching Easy – Even Doing Dishes “Too easy,” that’s what Jim said about our feeder. “They distract me while doing the dishes.” It does not stop there. Birds constantly visit the feeder. Look up, another finch, a cardinal, even a bluejay – it does not stop. And unlike traditional feeders it hooks anywhere and nothing blocks your view. Face to Face With a Finch – National Geographic Anyone? – Protects seeds from rain and wind – Provides a sheltered platform for birds to perch – Not totally squirrel-proof, but nearly is with our guide – Entertains cats and kids for hours – Costs less than traditional, view blocking feeders – Mounts securely to any window Why Planted Perfect? ★ 100% dedication to customer satisfaction – love your feeder or your money back ★ Long lasting design – sturdy acrylic feeder and upgraded suction grips keep this at a bird’s eye view for you and weather the elements easily ★ Simple setup and cleaning – up in seconds, clean in seconds – back to bringing birds home ★ Amazing customer service – gardeners for life, customers for life BONUS! Buy Your Feeder Now and for limited time get our FREE “How to Attract Beautiful Birds” ebook plus our 7 book garden bundle – 85 pages to an amazing home and garden – FREE.

  • ✓ SEE BIRDS INCHES AWAY – Enjoy chickadees, cardinals, titmouse and more like never before as they swoop in front of your window, perching inches from you and enjoy a tasty feast of seeds on your large, inviting 11.8 x 3.9″ platform bird feeder. You will not get better birding pictures than these.
  • LIKE SQUIRRELS? – The feeder is not squirrel proof. Few are, especially ones this simple and affordable. Your window feeder does fight squirrels however. Few can steal seeds thanks to the innovative suction engineered design – a nearly squirrel proof bird feeder if you follow our instructions. That’s the truth, no inflated sales claims.
  • ✓ EASY SETUP AND CLEANING – Birds poop. But they are also beautiful. Make your window a feeding frenzy birds flock to with our easy clean, acrylic bird feeder that makes washing a breeze. Setup is easy too. Unlike many hanging or window feeders, yours quickly attaches to any window – birding in the kitchen or by the office – either add delight to your day.
  • THE BEST QUALITY BIRD FEEDER WITH A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Love your new feeder or your money back, no questions asked, just a prompt, courteous refund. Planted Perfect’s a company by and for birders, gardeners and homeowners and we’re here 7 days a week to deliver you UNSURPASSED SERVICE, answer any of your birding, yard or gardening questions and ultimately help you have an even more beautiful, enjoyable home. PLUS SEE OUR PROMOS BELOW FOR MORE GREAT GARDEN DISCOUNTS! ORDER TODAY
  • ✓ STRONG SUCTION TO SEE BIRDS – We engineered powerful suction cups to tightly, easily lock to your window. Your new feeder attracts dozens of colorful birds daily – we will not let it fall. Plus even if a daring squirrel somehow dives on the feeder, the lock tight suction cups will hold – protecting your feeder, whether on the 1st floor or above. Enjoy a flurry of action and color everyday in a skyrise or suburban home – it makes no difference.