Eyeglasses Jeweler 20X Magnifier Magnifying Glass Loupe LED Light Watch Repair By Kurtzy TM


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These handy Magnifying Eyeglasses are perfect for installing & repairing cameras, watches, jewellery and other electronics. They are also applicable to huge range of industries such as the circuit board and printing industry, medical science, gardening, coin and stamp production, collecting, education, geography, science, home and office!

  • MAGNIFY- We all need a helping hand to see the finer details sometimes which is why our magnifying glasses are a must have! Great for applying fine detail while keeping your hands free to work and craft. Or use as a fancy dress accessory for a mad scientist or steampunk lover!
  • LOUPE- The loupes are mounted on the black eyeglass frames and can be adjusted for comfort while keeping your hands free. These are top quality and boast a magnificent 20x magnification range which cannot be beaten! To keep in the best condition, we recommend cleaning with a microfibre cleaning cloth often.
  • LIGHTING- As well as the incredible zoom, these glasses also feature 2 LED bulb lights to illuminate the viewing field without the need of extra torches or lamps. This is an incredibly useful function for watch repair and fine detailed painting.
  • HOBBIES- These are super handy for a whole range of applications and hobbies where fine detail and closer inspection is required. Use for jewellery making, coin and stamp collecting/production, electronics, model building, science, watch repair and fine printing.
  • Supplied in Kurtzy branded packaging