Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage, 48.5cm x 19cm x 24cm


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This would make a great present for a first pet as it contains everything apart from food, bedding and the animal.
It is ideal for all hamsters as well as for pet mice.
It is recomended to put in items for your pet to chew on to help prevent them from chewing on the wheel.
Interesting Hamster Facts: Did you know Hamsters can flatten their ribs? That is why they are so good at travelling through the Habitrail trails.
Rodents teeth constantly grow because they don’t have roots. This is why it is important to provide them with things to gnaw on.
Did you know that a hamsters heart beats 400 times a minute when active but only 4 times a minute when in hibernation?
There are 24 different types of hamsters in the world today. The Golden Hamster is the most popular. They were discovered in the Syrian Desert in 1930 and were brought to North America in 1938. Since then their popularity has grown and they are now one of the most commonly owned house pets’ world wide.
In nature hamsters tend to live alone. They make their home underground which is cooler and moister than living above ground in the dry desert heat.

  • Habitrail Twist is a complete Hamster habitat with a unique cage design, it has rounded corners that prevents gnawing and makes cleaning easy!
  • The twist has an oversized transparent door that provides an aerial view of your pet and habitat, the door fully opens for easy access to your pet and feeding area.
  • Twist provides an elevated feeding area that encourages your hamster to search for his food and also keeps litter and waste away from food.
  • The Twist provides a 360 degree view of your pet hamster as all of the componemts are transparent which enable a clear view from all angles.