Komodo Advanced Heat Mat 22W (410x274mm)


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The Advanced Komodo Heat Mats are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality, they are an excellent source of 24 hour heat and produce long wave infra-red heat to thoroughly warm reptiles from scale to bone. These versatile heat mats can be fixed to both the base and the side of any terrarium and are ideal for producing gentle background heat.

The Komodo range of Advanced heat mats must be used in conjuntion with an appropriate thermostat. Heat mats produce long wave infrared heat, which heats solid objects but does not effect ambient air temperature. If installing a heat mat inside a wooden vivarium underneath a thin layer of substrate, ensure the thermostat sensor is under the substrate in direct contact with the heat mat. If installing externally to the base of a glass terrarium again ensure the thermostat sensor probe is beneath the substrate, in direct contact with the glass above the heat mat. This ensures direct control of the heat mat.

  • Ideal for providing gentle heat for species that don’t need high temperatures
  • Great for providing cooler night-time temperatures
  • Heat mats emit no light so ideal for vivariums in bedrooms
  • Available in a wide range of sizes suitable for most enclosures
  • Advanced heat mats can be used as the sole source of heat for some reptile species, or in conjunction with another heat source, such as a ceramic heat emitter in black or white, for reptiles that prefer higher temperatures