Liberta Virgo II Hamster Cage, Medium, 41 x 24 x 24 cm


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Izzy Fun House cages; (BASE COLOURS MAY VARY- BLUE, PINK OR GREEN) your little critter will be in orbit in this cage, its got a easy to clean deep base that clips from the cage, and inside there is a whole mountain of amusement for your pet, you might think you have got double vision, its called a Double Izzy because its got double wheels, double platforms, double slides, double see through doors

Lovely doubly!

The cage comes complete with a mounted wheels, yes two wheels; so mighty mouse can take loads of exercise, to add to his delight he has the funnel slides, from his bedroom platform, he will go up the funnels, then down, then up again then down, there is a tube that takes hammy to the basement hammy will climb all over and slide back down – great fun

To get inside the cage it could not be simpler, there is a door on the roof of the cage, also the roof just clips way from the sides, and you can get either hands or more into he cage with ease, for example if you want to fill the food pot or make preparations for cleaning the cage


#Platform Slide

#Smooth Floor

#Roof Door

#Cosy House

#Water Bottle

#Carry Handle

#Food Container

#White Wire Top

#Easy Clean Base

#Removable Roof

#Solid Fixed Wheels

#Solid Construction

#First Floor Platform

#Second Floor Platform

#Size H41cm x L24cm x W24cm

  • Removable bottom base for easy cleaning
  • Includes animal housing area
  • Stylish design to the cage
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is finished in non toxic powder coating