Magicmoon – Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold, super-smooth eye mask


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Have you ever struggled to fall asleep while bright lights and natural sunlight kept you awake?
Tired of tossing and turning instead of getting the rest your body needs?
The Magicmoon MASK resets your body’s circadian rhythm by preventing exposure to extraneous light, enabling you to fall asleep quickly and easily.

Product features

Magicmoon Silk Sleep Mask Blindfold, Travel Sleep Adjustable Breathable Silk Eye Mask for Travelling, Relaxing, Flight, Shift Workers and Fast Asleep is made of 100% mulberry silk on both sides which is so soft and comfortable with adjustable strap to adjust the better size to your head. And this mask itself has a little extra padding on the nose bridge which not only can block out all lights anytime and anywhere of day or night, but also pulls the mask away from your eyelids slightly so you no longer have your lasher scraping the top of the mask when you blink.

Comfortable & Versatile

Our sleep mask that is perfect for long use at home, trains, buses, airplanes, meditation or yoga. This mask lights out of your vision and has an easy adjustable strap on the back to secure a true fit while you sleep. And the elastic band is double to make it more durable and it is not tight at all. This mask even feels as though it is molding to your face when you wear it and you barely notice it is on. So, please do not hesitate, buy it now. Thanks to the Magicmoon mask gives you the more comfortable and restful life!


We guarantee that will offer you the good quality product and best service, if you are not completely satisfied simply contact us, will help you solve what you have experienced.


When you clean it, please refer on the care instruction on the package, thank you!

  • SUPER SOFT SILK LIGHT SLEEP MASK – It is made from the highest quality mulberry silk material on both sides. Super soft material on both sides helping you to relax and fall asleep for a truly comfortable night sleep and wake up refreshed!
  • GENTLE AND UNBELIEVABLY COMFORTABLE – Against your skin, the silky smooth sleeping mask has a silk inner surface gives you that soft feel on your face all night it’s so Gently and Soothing on YOUR skin, and cushions YOUR eyes without any pressure.
  • VERSATILE & DURABLE – Thanks to fully adjustable elastic straps and soft material, which is fully adjustable to fit your head no matter what size or shape. Easy-to-adjust elastic strap which won’t tangle your hair, and the fully adjustable strap which is suitable for Men/Women/Kids.
  • RELAX IN TOTAL DARKNESS – Try meditating with our sleeping mask any Time of the Day or Night – Perfect for Travel, Afternoon Naps or When Your Partner Watches T.V Late at Night. This mask itself has a little EXTRA PADDING at the bridge of the nose which can block out lightly totally anytime and anywhere and pulls the mask away from your eyelids slightly so you no longer have your lasher scraping the top of the mask when you blink.
  • YOUR BEST CHOICE- Not only do you get your Super Silky Sleep Mask but every order get Free Ear Plugs, to block out ALL noise for a longer better night’s sleep. As the breathable of natural silk mask will let you have a good sleep, so it is the best travel accessories and perfect for travel, afternoon naps, yoga or meditation.