Magno Mutt – Advanced Magnetic Dog Collar – Jet Black – Large (19 ¾ – 26 ½ – in.). Now with New Metal D Ring


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… The Magno Mutt is the only magnetic dog collar specifically designed to apply large, strong, multiple, healing magnets for your dog. We know of no other magnetic collar on the market which has this much magnetic therapeutic power…
Most other collars generally have either: only one large magnet, a weak magnetic rubber strip, or several very small magnets. The Magno Mutt magnetic dog collar with its 3 or 4 large magnets is a much more powerful collar.
… The Magno Mutt magnetic dog collars have been specially designed to address the 5 most important elements for effective powerful magnetic therapy:…
1. Size of magnets…
2. Strength of magnets…
3. Number of magnets.
4. Magnetic coverage…
5. Magnetic strength adapted to dog size…

MAXIMUM THERAPY:… The Magno Mutt Magnetic Dog collar is designed for maximum therapy, it contains 3 to 4 large powerful magnets (depending on collar size). Each magnet is graded at core strength 14000 Gauss, with well over 2000 gauss at the surface. This level of magnetic strength enables deep, effective penetration of the therapy… Magnet size is a key factor in this type of therapy which will be of greater benefit to your dog. This could help relieve the symptoms of lethargy, painful stiff joints and dog arthritis.
QUALITY MATERIALS:… Particular attention has been paid to the construction of the collar, with materials, locks and stitching for durability and safety.
Available in 3 colours and 3 sizes.
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Persian Blue — Jet Black — Cherry Red …
Small — Medium — Large.

  • Designed for Maximum Therapy
  • For Joint, Muscle & Arthritis Problems
  • Multiple High Strength Magnets
  • Superior to other Collars – Larger Magnets
  • Natural Pain Relief