Mr Johnson’s Supreme Hamster & Gerbil Mix 900g


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Mr Johnsons Suprem Hamster and Gerbil Food 900g Supreme HAMSTER AND GERBIL FOOD is a fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of cereals, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, mealworms, pellets and extrusions – supplying Hamsters and Gerbils with a tasty, healthy food in a variety of textures to encourage the natural foraging instinct and helping in essential dental wear. This delicious hamster & gerbil mix has a fruity aroma. Feeding the correct diet to your Hamster or Gerbil is essential for maintaining good health. How To Overcome Selective Feeding If you over feed your hamster or gerbil they will start to select which bits of the feed they like best and leave the rest in the bowl. This will result in an unbalanced diet, which in turn can cause a deficiency in certain nutrients. The way to stop this happening is to feed twice a day but only refilling the bowl once it is empty. Feeding Guide This feeding advice is a guide only. Mr Johnson s Supreme Hamster and Gerbil feeding guide: Growing Adult Lactating Gerbil 5 to 9gr/day 4 to 8gr/day 10 to 15gr/day Hamster 6 to 10gr/day 5 to 9gr/day 12 to 20gr/day Dwarf Hamster 3 to 6gr/day 2 to 5gr/day 6 to 10gr/day Fruit And Vegetables Fruit and veg should also be added to your hamsters diet to supplement this hamster food. Also available in 15kg bags