ProRep BC Neodymium Daylight Spot Lamp, 60 Watt


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The Pro Rep Neodymium Spot Lamp is the perfect way to simulate daylight inside your reptiles vivarium.

The light will not only help to enhance your pets natural, stunning colours, but is practical for creating a localised hot spot within your enclosure for basking species, and also for increasing the ambient air temperature. It is recommended that the bulb is used alongside a bulb guard, to prevent your pet from touching the bulb and getting burnt, and also with a dimming thermostat to prevent the vivarium from overheating.

Pro Rep Neodymium Spot Lamp Bayonet (BC) Fitting 60W

  • Simulates daylight to show the animal’s natural colours
  • Creates a local hot spot for basking species
  • Provides light and heat and increases ambient air temperature
  • Encourages natural thermo regulatory behaviour