Rosewood Abode Cage Dwarf Hamster and Mice


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Fully-furnished hamster and mice home..

The Abode is easy to clean as all the components are fixed to the cage, allowing the tray to be removed and cleaned.


- Contemporary design.

- Easy acces hide with removable lid.

- Exercise wheel.

- Easy refill water bottle.
Simple ‘drop-in’ water bottle design.

- Food bowl.

- 2 ribbed ramps to upper and lower mezzanines.

- Abode hamster home suitable for dwarf, syrian hamsters and mice.

- Bedding not included.

  • Stylish, escape-proof cage for all dwarf hamsters and mice
  • Easy to clean: the top holds all the shelves and wheel for easy cleaning of the base
  • High quality components
  • Includes: den, 2x mezzanines, drop-in bottle, wheel, ladders and dish
  • Quick and easy to assemble